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Some new questions from Benedict’s Time Out Interview


I saw that you recently took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge very seriously. You did it several times and made a whole short film of it.
‘Yes, I chose all the shots and rehearsed it with my niece – who acted as my director of photography! The first time we tried it she’d stopped filming and I had to do it all over again. I got a cut above my eyebrow from the ice.’

You did it several times.
‘Yes, well, Tom Hiddleston had done it once, and then the Internet was asking when I was going to do it and if I’d wear a white T-shirt apparently. And I actually did wear a white T-shirt for the last one, which they [the fans] were apparently quite happy about, so I was saving the Internet! My agent rung me about it first. I was all: ice bucket what? And I was in the middle of doing Shere Khan and some voice work for “The Hobbit” and something else. Then I cottoned on to what it was and what it was in aid of and I thought: I need to do this properly. I was late and had been nominated more than once so I did it a few times.’

Your nominations were interesting: the producer Harvey Weinstein, Kylie Minogue and Lewis Hamilton. Why them?
‘I thought it was a bit grubby: how far can you cast your celeb friends net? But I wanted a really diverse set of people. I thought Hollywood in general would thank me for throwing ice on Harvey, who’s game. Then Kylie’s just really game and sport and super sweet, and that sent it into the world of music. Then I was bringing it back to the British thing with Lewis Hamilton.’ [x]



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