He is rare even amongst the acting breed. If the character description says handsome: he is.  If it says Nasty: he is. Older: he is… Younger: he is. For this reason I just can’t wait to see what he will become. Working with him was a delight. I learned so much. It was so often easy to see what he was like at ten years old. He’s a giggler, and a brilliant mimic and, like the other boys, he thought nothing of carrying kit up the steps from Barafundle Bay, even after having been on camera all day. [x]


Benedict Cumbrbatch- Oscars 2014


Now that’s a man quite pleased with himself indeed.

"It was a beautiful few days on a lovely set, with lovely people and we got to watch Ben do a monologue… We were just playing games between takes while he was having a nervous breakdown." - Martin Freeman on filming the best man speech

An Edit a DayBenedict Cumberbatch ⚜ [236/?]


I like his body. I just love how his gestures and postures are different from Sherlock or John Harrison, or even Benedict himself.

Benedict Cumberbatch for High Life (x)

x sherlock x




Is it any wonder we love Jewel?

God this would be me! Guaranteed to be doing something embarrassing.

yep! me too.



yes Benedict, we remember. The entire fandom ran around worried you were pregnant